Landscape Supplies in Tustin

At Angelus Quarries Building Materials, Inc., we have proudly served the Tustin area since 1957. With our exceptional customer service over the past 65 years, we have consistently earned our clients’ referrals and repeat business. When you support our family-owned, family-run business, you’ll be working with your own neighbors in the area. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Each member of our staff embodies the values of integrity, trustworthiness, and dependability that we take very seriously. When you call or come by for your landscape supplies in Tustin, we believe you’ll quickly learn how our top-quality products and incomparable service have made us such a reputable business in this beautiful community.

Our Products and Materials

When you’re in need of landscape supplies, construction materials, or building materials in Tustin, look no further than Angelus Quarries. The broad variety of materials and products at our one-stop shop allows you to find all the materials you need for any job easily and quickly. Don’t forget to inquire about our residential or job site delivery, which allows you to conveniently avoid a logistical step and get back to your project quickly. Not only do we carry all the greatest building materials, but we also offer affordable pricing.


We are proud to offer all the soil options you might need for your project or job. Our topsoil provides a flexible answer to a range of gardening and landscaping demands, while our specific nutrient mix maintains your plants healthy and encourages development and nutrient uptake. Our container mix makes container gardening a snap.

Cactus Mix

Green Container Mix

Planter Mix

Plain Top Soil

Special Mix

Veggie Mix

Nutrient Mix with Shavings

Mulch Mix Top Soil

Rototilling Mulch

Decorative Rock

Using decorative rock in a distinctive and attractive way can enhance any landscape in unexpected ways. We’d be ecstatic to rock any project you have in mind! Landscape boulders can make a striking and dramatic impression, or you might choose manufactured stone because of its unmatched eye appeal. Whatever your decorative rock needs, we’ll have the solution that meets your specific needs.

Red Cinders

Pea Gravel

White Rock

2 to 5 Inch Arizona River Rock

¾ Arizona River Rock

3 Inch Mexican Pebbles

Mexican Pebbles

½ Sunset Pebbles

1 Inch Rock

3/8 Palm Springs Gold

Black Cinders

California Gold

3/8 Sunset Pebbles

Arizona Pea Gravel

Las Vegas Pink

1 ½ Rock

Burgundy Cinders

1 ½ Arizona River Rock

1 Inch Mexican Pebbles

¾ Crunch

2 Inch Mexican Pebbles

Madera Pebbles

Apache Brown

Recycled Rock

1 Inch Mexican Pebbles


For masonry, leveling, filling, and more, sand is among the most important Tustin building materials. We offer fill sand, cement sand, angel mix, and beyond. We carry angel mix, cement sand, fill sand, and many other unique options. We are honored to be part of your project, whether you want to pick your sand up or have it delivered.

Plaster Sand

Angel Mix

Pea Gravel

Cement Sand

1 ½ Rock

Playground Sand

Fill Sand

3/8 Pre Mix

Recycled Rock

Class 2 Base

½ Pre Mix


Compost is a brilliant way to add nutrients to your landscape or garden. It conditions the soil, fertilizes, and prevents erosion and parasites, so it’s extremely advantageous. Our compost options range from green waste to chicken or cow manure and beyond, so you’re sure to find an option that works well for your particular needs.

Redwood Shavings

Cow Manure

Composted Fir Bark

Aged Shavings

Green Waste

Planter Mix

Fir Pine Mixed Shavings

Rototilling Mulch

Chicken Manure

Decomposed Granite

A versatile material, decomposed granite is utilized in many pavement-related applications. It’s similar to gravel, but it’s finer and typically more stable. To meet the needs of your project, we provide a range of decomposed granite solutions.

Pyrite Gold DG


Stabilized Pacific DG

Stabilized Pyrite Gold DG

Palm Springs Gold CGC


Pacific Decomposed Granite

Wood Chips & Mulch

When you’re putting the finishing touches on a landscaping job and you want to tie it together in a well-coordinated way, you’ll want to consider adding wood chips or mulch. Not only do they minimize the growth of weeds and keep lawn maintenance to a minimum, but they also reduce erosion, protect the soil, and aid in soil moisture retention. We have all the best options to tie your landscape together in the most breathtaking way.

Citrus Chip

Chocolate Chip Wood Chip

Claremont Chip

Green Waste

Small Bark

Sunset Red Wood Chips

Gorilla Hair

Shredded Cedar

Forest Blend

Fiber Fall

Medium Bark

Cross Cut Sawdust

Fir Pine Mix

Chino Chip

Coarse Wood Chip

3/8 Mini Bark

Composted Fir Bark

Walk on Bark

Redwood Shaving

Jumbo Bark

Aged Shavings

We also offer:

Stair Treads



Orco Block

Car Stops


Natural Stone


And more!

If you’re shopping for landscaping or building supplies, give Angelus Quarries a call today at (714) 638-8297.